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Third-Party Peer Review

SBSA has been serving design and construction professionals with Solutions Before a building or site is constructed. Too often, in the typical design process of a project, many of the crucial details of the design are left to the very end of the production process, resulting in reliance on the subcontractor specialists, review of shop drawings for incorporation post Contract Documents, increased costs associated with design challenges, construction sequencing and thus potential warranty costs and deferred expenses.

The detailing of a project offers the most challenging part of our design and construction process.  Consider that the integration of multiple sub trades into single areas of a site results in the need for clarity of the design documents, yet the details are not addressed in the original work.  This occurs because so many design and costing decisions are made after the start of the construction process that there is a hesitation to put too much effort into the detailing until the design and the budget are finally solidified and construction is underway. Another area that creates the potential for construction issues is that details often end up being “recycled” from other past projects that may not even resemble the construction methods of the current construction, selection of products or even the base design.

This common practice of reusing details and specifications can be risky and results in costly revisions, repairs, or reconstruction efforts later in the life of the building. Oftentimes, contractors will identify the inconsistencies and seek clarification by issuing RFIs and, later, Change Orders to cover their costs. However, many times the inconsistencies are missed, resulting in in-the-field modifications that leave the project at risk for costly construction errors that may not even be discovered until years later.

Having a third-party review team that specializes in assisting with product selection and detail consultation of critical building envelope components is an asset to the project.

SBSA has extensive experience in identifying and resolving potential design and construction errors before they are constructed. Coupled with on-site quality observations throughout the construction process, SBSA’s Third-Party Peer Review Services have proven to be an integral part of the success of our developers, owners, designers and contractors that engage us in this work.