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Site Assessments

Our team will provide evaluation of your residential, commercial or common properties’ various needs from Civil to Building Envelope. SBSA can perform an assessment as part of a litigation action, non-litigation actions, or conducting an observation as part of a reserve study or capital expenditure plan. However, the site assessment can include more than just visual observations. Depending on the needs of the client, the site assessment can include:

  • Visual observations
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Intrusive testing
  • Review site documents and applicable codes
  • ASTM E2128 PCA Standards

SBSA’s approach to evaluating a property starts from the foundation and goes through the roofing. This evaluation includes a review of the geotechnical reports and the plans and can determine the adequacy of the substructure through the superstructure. SBSA evaluates the civil aspects, landscaping, asphalt, and flatwork. From there, we examine the building envelope, including the façade types, installation, fenestrations in the building – windows, doors, vents, and pipes – and how they are integrated with other building components, such as decks and roofs. We also examine the roof and the interiors and their performance.