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Feasibility Study

SBSA can perform a Feasibility Study to organize your repair items in order of importance to maximize health, life, safety, and durability of your property based on your available funding. Based upon the findings of the Feasibility Study, we work with you to determine the level of design needed and the suitable level of repair to accomplish solutions to your property.

The recommended repair items are assembled into priority basis – higher risk items will be a higher priority. As an example, issues with higher risk, which may impact life safety in the short-term are ranked as a high priority while other issues that present lower resultant damages or non-sequenced to other work are ranked lower.

These lower ranked items can be deferred to allow additional reserves to accumulate in the reserve account. This method enables your board of directors to make informed decisions on when repairs can be conducted.

Once the Study has been reviewed and finalized, it is submitted to the board of directors for their use and records. The Study will then be the guiding document for the HOA from design phase to the repairs.