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Capital Expenditures Plan

SBSA recognizes the unprecedented challenges facing the commercial real estate development industry today. Frozen capital assets, a turbulent global economy, and the decline in transactions have significantly affected the industry’s immediate future. This is why more businesses and public entities are now conducting capital planning to maintain long-term assets and improve their profitability. SBSA’s experts utilize predictive testing, decision analysis and life-cycle costing approaches for a thorough assessment and a realistic forecast of capital expenditures.

A complete, concise and timely assessment is critically important to potential buyers and investors interested in the current condition of a property with improvements or a developer or owner association transition. SBSA can help assess the risk of acquiring an unexpected maintenance or repair liability.

Long-term maintainability issues are especially imperative for new property owners and owners of existing facility portfolios. In a buy-sell transaction, it’s important to know the number of additional funds required to bring a property to an acceptable level of conformance and maintainability.

SBSA can schedule maintenance, repair, and replacement activities to result in the highest-quality condition at the lowest possible cost.