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Owner Representation

SBSA provides services to your community or building that considers the needs through the lifecycle of a repair, rehabilitation or a new project.

Our vast experience with value engineering, contractor selection, bid analysis, project phasing, construction schedules, and on-site construction support makes sure your project is a compliant on-time success.

Whether you are a community embarking on a correcting work determined in a litigation matter, providing capital improvements, providing maintenance, upgrades or repairs SBSA provides services geared to protect your interests and your owner’s interests. We realize that community associations don’t have the depth of resources to manage each component of a project, SBSA fills those voids.

With over $500 million in construction projects provided to the owner’s working with SBSA representation, the project systems and protocols are polished and proven.

SBSA’s experience allows us to understand how to prioritize the issues, determine the repair and rehabilitation work based on the degree of risks and potential future damages while considering budgetary constraints. Then SBSA will work closely with the owner(s) and repair contractor to get the job done right with thorough repair designs and quality oversight.