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SBSA’s commitment to our clients continues from reporting, depositions, and alternate dispute resolution through trial. Following the outcome of litigation, SBSA is prepared to assist with full repair, including preparing repair designs, bid processing, oversight, punch list items, and exemplar buildings.

Expert Related Services include:

  • Reporting
  • Rebuttals
  • Depositions
  • Testimony
  • Exhibit Creations
  • Phyisical Exhibits
  • Animations
  • Power Point exhibits of case and supporting documents and photos

Example Animations

The illustrative provides for a courtroom animation of the porch construction, the intrusive examination that occurred and the photographic evidence that was collected during the testing. SBSA provides animation and presentations to aid the finder of fact in understanding the relevance of the claims that are being brought, and aid in the understanding of the consequential damages associated with the design and construction of properties.
In order to aid the finder of fact in understanding the construction, the use of animations allows the ability to dissect and reconstruct the site. The use of clearly formulated, to scale illustratives provide for reasonable assurance that the demonstratives will be necessary to the findings of the case. In many instances the animations can highlight trade interference, conflicts, and detail issues, allowing testimony to be fluid and understandable to the finder of fact.