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Insurance Response

SBSA’s personnel possess a diversity of knowledge ranging from the ground to the roofing system.  This allows us to review your claim with a determination of the integration of the systems and how each interplay in relation to the others.  From groundwater to building envelopes and the interaction of the components that create the building systems, SBSA understands this relationship and their impact on your claim.

SBSA’s experts have conducted hundreds of observations and analyzed many structures due to the impacts of wind, rain, tornados, snow and other weather-related events allowing our expertise to aid you in a determination of the cause and results of your claims.
When evaluating your claim, SBSA will provide timely reports, with clearly written analyses and conclusions that include:
  • Claim review
  • Scope of damages
  • Cause(s) of damages
  • Repair solutions (when requested)

For claims that require forensic engineering or analysis in a litigation setting, SBSA has expert witnesses experienced in insurance-based matters. During the numerous wind, seismic, hurricane and other natural events of the 2000 to 2018 time frame SBSA staff was on site to review, analyze and determine the causation of damages from flood, surge, wind and rain, and other associated causes of damages.