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Construction Contract Claims

Our team of experts provides cost analysis for new design, feasibility and claim disputes. SBSA’s opinions of probable cost assist developers through insurance agents to understand claims or determine the feasibility of the potential work. Subrogation claims require a division of responsibilities and their associated costs. SBSA can provide these in defendable cause and result reporting, as well.


Cost Analysis
SBSA can provide both opinions of the probable cost of a project as well as determination of allocations to potential responsible parties.  Utilizing industry software and knowledge from the repair and new work SBSA is involved in, our supportable opinions of cost can be attributed to the potential parties that have liability to the performance of the contracts.
Schedule Analysis
Scheduling is necessary for the proper coordination of construction and the procurement of the materials and equipment to ensure on time, on budget delivery.  SBSA provides both Critical Path Scheduling as well as forensic analysis of schedule issues that have resulted in construction or design delays, as well as contract changes.
Dispute Resolution
SBSA provides the employees and expertise that will allow you to have your dispute reviewed, and analyzed to determine the means to mediate the matters.  The need for resolution allows for continuing work, relationships and future work of the parties.  The use of SBSA as a third party or umpire services has allowed our clients to find resolution to disputed issues, from contract language to the as-constructed project.