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SBSA provides professional engineering, architectural and owner’s representation services encompassing the entire span of a building’s lifecycle from inception through rehabilitation. Our team of experts has the experience and ability to identify and provide the right solutions for our clients.  This service area includes new design, property condition assessments, design peer review, construction management, and quality assurance.  As well SBSA offers Reserve Studies for Common property funding.
We are dedicated experts with extensive knowledge of construction compliance, rehabilitation and repair, construction and property analysis, forensic analysis, and more. We have the experience and ability to identify and provide solutions for our clients. and are very familiar with all aspects of the building lifecycle, from initial construction through long-term maintainability.

SBSA can identify critical problem areas before issues arise to reduce the risks associated with construction and devise solutions after problems arise that include reduction of risk for repetitive damages and work with the understanding of underlying damages typically associated with construction.  Our experience is gained from our knowledge of horizontal construction through vertical construction, the ground to the roof.


Need an expert analysis for your insurance claim?


Submit an insurance claim form and SBSA will:

checkmark Review the claim
checkmark Determine and assess the damage
checkmark Examine potential causes of the damage
checkmark Provide repair solutions if necessary