Reserve Studies & Capital Expenditure Planning

SBSA has provided thousands of reserve studies and capital expenditure analysis over the last 20 plus years and has built an extensive knowledge of the needs associated with common interest community construction. 

Our staff work together with community management, boards of directors, and association committees to foster unique ideas and tasks for inclusion into the long-range planning of your property. This method of communication allows for a mutual approach in the tailoring of the study and incorporation of special considerations.

We leverage our experience with property investigations, design and quality assurance of new construction into our line of Reserve Studies and Capital Expenditure Planning services. 


This knowledge of actual design and owner’s services provides for a complete analysis than our completions approach of addressing this from a standpoint of accounting without the reality of the corrections, repairs, rehabilitation and the improvements to real property.

SBSA is the only company with Reserve Specialists, Certified Cost Consultants and Registered Professional Architects and Engineers on staff.  This distinction allows us to address a variety of your projects needs in-house and with staff aware of Associations requirements.