Property Claims

SBSA, LLC has provided consultation on thousands of property claims including determination of causes of loss for hail, wind, flood, hurricane, fire, surge, and impact loads. Our forensic engineers provide an assessment of the damages to the site, determine to within an engineering degree of certainty the cause of those damages, and, if necessary, ascertain the timing of those damages. When requested, SBSA can provide repair recommendations to achieve pre-loss condition. Our goal is to help identify damages and methods to repair the damages to return a structure to the same condition it was in prior to a loss event.

Many property claims are handled based on the premise that damage only occurred to the surface of the building. SBSA has the expertise and utilizes non-destructive equipment to identify damages beyond what can be seen on the exterior of a building. For instance, water intrusion from a loss event often infiltrates into the roofing assemblies and/or wall assemblies and can result in both short- and long-term deterioration of these moisture-sensitive building components. By using non-destructive surveying equipment such as infrared thermal imagery, ground penetrating radar, and impedance scanners, SBSA can better evaluate the condition of a building after a loss.

SBSA’s repair and rehabilitation, construction management, and cost estimating teams can assist in providing an evaluation of repair costs to determine if the repairs are reasonable, feasible, and comprehensive to achieve pre-loss condition.

SBSA serves a variety of clients with respect to property claims including, but not limited to, homeowners, homeowners associations, insurance companies, public adjusters, and attorneys. In addition, SBSA serves as an appointed umpire to resolve appraisal disputes between the insured and insurers. Our goal is to serve clients at every step of the process from initial inspection through any disputes/appraisal and even through litigation when necessary.

In addition to insurance-based claims, SBSA provides engineering expertise for property management claims, seller’s disclosure real estate claims, and third-party inspections.