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Swallow Hill Condo Association | Denver, Colorado


Issues: Problems with integrations and flashings of brick facade.

SBSA staff provided expert engineering for the developer and builder during the litigation phase, which occurred concurrently with the performance testing and repair phase.

Swallow Hill Condominium includes 2 buildings: one 4-story, one 7-story. Reconstruction included completely deskinning two condos, and working with the original contractor to fix masonry problems with the original construction. End dams, flashings, and weeps were added to the brick facade so the system could manage and discharge water.

SBSA was involved in the full design of the façade repairs, which included de-skinning two buildings (4 and 7 stories) of the attached brick veneers stucco and underlying weather-resistive barriers. The design included analysis and replacement detailing for product issues related to doors and the integration of the fenestrations and balconies with façade and waterproofing materials. Additionally, SBSA experts performed construction oversight on behalf of the original developer.