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Chamberlin Heights | Denver, Colorado


Located on Colfax in the heart of Denver, just blocks from City Park, Chamberlin Heights is a multi-use condominium complex with retail space on the first floor. SBSA became involved in the construction defect litigation case in 2006. The issues at Chamberlain included building envelope defects, such as improper flashing, missing weep screeds, poor stucco application, and improper lapping of the building paper. There were drainage problems across the plaza decks and site grading, causing moisture to penetrate through the parking garage, leaving efflorescence on the concrete walls and dripping onto cars. Areas of the roof were not flashed correctly or integrated with the surrounding moisture-management system. The sound performance was also below homeowner expectations, code minimums, and industry standards; original marketing and sales contracts indicated quiet, luxury performance.

After settlement  SBSA was selected as the engineer of record and designed the repairs, oversaw the construction, and performed construction administration duties. Reconstruction Experts was selected as the contractor.

Through the Feasibility Study and Pre-Construction stages, SBSA and Reconstruction Experts worked together to identify the most critical repair scopes and best apply the settlement funds to the life-health safety and long-term performance of the property while still considering the residents’ expectations.

The final repair provides a functioning structure and building envelope with a complete site drainage system. Remaining items were addressed through a thorough reserve study and repair deferment. Construction was completed in 2011.

SBSA can perform a Feasibility Study to organize your repair items in order of importance to maximize health, life, safety, and durability of your property based on your available funding. Based upon the findings of the Feasibility Study, we work with you to determine the level of design needed and the suitable level of repair to accomplish solutions to your property.