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Issues: Civil, structural and building envelope

The construction issues that originally existed at this Centennial site included improper structural design and construction; civil engineering issues from asphalt roadway to backfill issues; building envelope problems including the improperly integrated barriers of the stucco systems; and window product failures. The homeowners were dealing with cracked sidewalks dis-elevated concrete flatwork, ice formation in courtyards, water intrusion into ceilings and basements, and structural movement. The original design incorporated interior courtyards with inadequate drainage that created ice flows and slip and fall hazards, as well as rotting the walls. The landscape featured stone retaining walls were falling into the streets and yards. The stucco façade was improperly constructed, leading to water intrusion into the wall systems. Once in the walls, the trapped water resulted in the deterioration of the exterior gypsum and damage to the interiors of the homes. The extent of the damage was not visible without full removal of the stucco systems.

Carriage Gate HOA and their attorney settled with the builder and entities responsible for the faulty non-performing construction. Shortly thereafter, they began the process of repairing their property.

The first step for the Carriage Gate HOA and its Board was selecting a qualified engineering firm who would not only provide design and quality assurance but helped provide the information necessary to obtain a qualified reconstruction contractor. SBSA’s staff was involved in advising the board regarding what qualifications to look for in a contractor during the selection process; provided the necessary guidelines when it came to the value engineering to be used to determine the order of repairs; and provided construction administration services including review of change orders, payments, and processing RFIs. SBSA’s staff worked diligently on behalf of the needs of the HOA for the entire design and construction process.

In August of 2010, Carriage Gate residents celebrated the complete repair of their homes with the engineers, contractors, and homeowners they’d worked with and to repair their development. SBSA congratulates Carriage Gate on completion of the project from the onset of the litigation to the solutions of the repairs.

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