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Buena Vista | Boulder, Colorado


Issues: Water leaks, wind damage, structural damage and mold.

Located in north Boulder, Buena Vista was originally touted as a community of energy efficient starter properties. Unfortunately, the property had water leaks, wind damage, structural damage and mold. The exterior veneer was improperly constructed at terminations and penetrations. At each unit, the deck ledge, stair landing, roofing, and fenestrations interrupted the EIFS, creating direct pathways to the interior finishes. The SBSA staff was hired to provide analysis for the Home Owners Association’s from initial litigation analysis to recommend repairs. This investigation included intrusive testing, window performance testing, and site measurements. A mediation was held with the opposing experts, and the parties were able to agree on a settlement-based scope of repair.

SBSA was the Engineer of Record for the repair portion of this project and worked with the project contractor and Home Owners Association to identify cost saving options, consider design alternatives for the property, design the repairs, and provide quality assurance.

By streamlining the design and altering small details to eliminate unnecessary materials or labor, SBSA was able to keep design costs low and decrease the estimated cost of construction. SBSA then worked with the general contractor, focusing on training the subcontractors on the systems, materials, and proper installation. SBSA was able to decrease site observations and allow the HOA to rely on the contractors and subcontractors experience to continue the proper detailing.