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Construction Observation Services

Commonly included as part of our Construction Observation Services:
  • Review of Contractor submittals pertaining to building envelope components
  • Pre-installation conferences with sub-contractors for critical detailing coordination
  • Review of in-field mock-ups comprising critical junctures of materials.
  • Site Observations of work progress that include a written Observation Report and color photographs describing the progress of the work and any insufficiencies observed during that visit.
  • Logging of Non-Conformances in order to track and document corrections
  • Interior quality inspections for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing prior to drywall installation (as required by Construction Insurance Providers)
  • On-Call Consultation Support throughout the construction process to include aiding the design team with product submittal review, RFI consultation and general informational response to concerns that arise pertaining to items that have been peer-reviewed.

SBSA has an extensive background and expertise in the construction industry gained through years of providing expert services (both plaintiff as well as defense) in construction defect litigation cases, often followed by the necessary repair design to remedy affected property for hundreds of projects throughout the country. Because of this vast experience, our architects and engineers are able to provide to our clients an unmatched level of expertise for third-party review, performance testing and quality assurance site observations during construction to help reduce the risk of defect claims on new construction projects.

At its basic core, reducing the risks of defective construction is a primary goal and priority we work towards for our clients on every project we are a part of. The key to reducing these risks is to catch non-conforming issues in the work while there is still an opportunity to make corrections prior to completion of construction. 

As a significant component to our Third-Party Peer Review Services, SBSA provides periodic Site Observations at key points throughout the construction process to check for General Compliance with and Quality Assurance of the work as specified in the construction drawings and specifications.

We work with the Contractor’s team of site managers and installers to point out and address non-conformances and keep the Ownership and Design teams aware of issues requiring correction. We take a collaborative approach to this service and strive for understanding and buy-in with the construction team in order to meet the overall goal of producing the best quality project that can be built.