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Ed Fronapfel Presenter at HalfMoon Education Seminar

Ed Fronapfel Presenter at HalfMoon Education Seminar

SBSA, LLC, A Charles Taylor Company’s CEO, Edward Fronapfel will be speaking at the Half Moon Education Inc. live interactive webinar today. On the agenda is a discussion of the International Residential Code’s adoption and enforcement in the state of Colorado and code requirements for the building shell, including foundations, floors, walls, ceiling, and roofs. This webinar offers 6.5 PDHs to professional engineers and 6.5 HSW continuing education hours to architects in all states.

On the agenda today:

Development and Enforcement of International Residential Code

History of the International Residential Code (IRC)
Adoption and enforcement of International Residential Code
Recent and anticipated Code amendments
Future of the Code

Building Planning and Shell Construction (Chapters 2-10)

Alternative provisions and design criteria
Wind effects and protection of openings
Seismic provisions
Story height and live loads
Snow loads
Fire-resistant construction and exterior walls
Dwelling unit separations and garage separation
Ceiling heights
Garages and carports
Ingress, egress and stairways
Fire and carbon monoxide safety and detection
Foam plastic
Wood and wood-based products
Floods, storms and drainage
Soils and foundations
Framing and fastening
Walls and wall covering
Roof/ceiling construction
Roof assemblies
Fireplaces and chimneys

Energy Efficiency (Chapter 11)Compliance

Building thermal envelope
Climate classifications
Permanent energy certificateInsulation and fenestration
Building systems

Mechanical, Fuel, Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Appliance installation and exhaust systems
Hydronic systems
Fuel gas systems and appliances
Plumbing fixtures
Backflow preventers, venting, sumps and ejectors
Fire sprinkler systems
Electrical system grounding
Intersystem bonding termination
Overcurrent devices
Electrical outlets
Pools, spas and hot tubs

Mr. Fronapfel holds a bachelor of science degree in Civil Engineering and a master of science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in forensic and structural engineering. He is a board-certified building inspection engineer through the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers and a fellow member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. In addition, Mr. Fronapfel is a level 2 thermographer and a level 2 post-tension examiner. He is certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and is a third party Exterior Design Institute inspector. He teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver in the Burn’s School of Real Estate and Construction Management. Courses include Estimating, Project Management, and Control, Sustainability in Construction, Residential Construction Systems and Environmental Systems, and MEP. His work experience encompasses geohydraulic engineering, hydraulics, hydrology, civil and structural engineering for new development, warranty work, property claim support, repair, and rehabilitation design. Mr. Fronapfel’s building science work includes interior ventilation control; HVAC sizing verifications and analysis; and moisture management systems for attics, crawlspaces, and basements for residential and commercial structures. He has additional background in masonry, stucco, EIFS, and many components used for cladding buildings from foundation systems to roofing systems. Mr. Fronapfel’s experience includes over 450 deposition testimonies and over 55 trial testimonies, as well as hundreds of mediations, and arbitrations. He is a registered engineer in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. Mr. Fronapfel holds active memberships in many professional organizations including RCI, AIA, NSPE, CABO, RESNET, and others. He is a published writer in The Journal of RCIThe Forensic Engineering Task ForceThe Investigative EngineerThe I-ENG-A ReportColorado Claims GuideBuilding Integration SolutionsConstruction Accounting and Taxation, and The Journal of Forensic Engineering.

Charles Taylor Expands in U.S. | Acquisition of SBSA, Inc.

Charles Taylor Expands in U.S. | Acquisition of SBSA, Inc.

Charles Taylor, a provider of services and technology solutions to the global insurance market, announced today that it has acquired SBSA, Inc. (Solutions Before, Solutions After), a full-service engineering and architectural firm. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, SBSA is licensed throughout the United States.

“The addition of SBSA significantly expands and strengthens Charles Taylor’s engineering capabilities in the U.S.”

said Rob Brown, Group CEO, Charles Taylor. “This acquisition aligns with our Group-wide strategy to grow the range of services we offer and to strengthen our technology and capabilities so that we can do more for our existing clients and reach a broader client base. SBSA allows us to provide high-quality broad-based engineering and technical support to our clients, from design, testing, and repairs, to forensic investigations and litigation support.”

SBSA delivers a wide range of expertise, including architectural, civil, and structural engineering, construction management, building envelope repair, performance testing, forensic analyses, and litigation support. The firm works primarily with clients in the construction, legal, and insurance sectors, specializing in forensic engineering, construction management, new and re-design of properties.

Vince Cole, CEO, CT Adjusting and Technical Services U.S., said, “SBSA engineers are recognized experts and provide us with the expanded engineering support that we believe will enrich our client offering and service.” He further added, “For insurance clients who work with Charles Taylor Adjusting, SBSA will offer the consistency and efficiency of a one-stop-shop, with the independence of a separate forensic engineering business.”


SBSA joins the Charles Taylor team of more than 3,000 professionals around the world. SBSA’s clients will have access to Charles Taylor’s full suite of global claims management, technical services, and technology solutions.

“Joining Charles Taylor provides our clients with access to a multitude of additional resources, in addition to decades of technical experience from industry experts whose skills complement our existing capabilities,” said Edward Fronapfel, P.E., Owner of SBSA. “We believe Charles Taylor’s commitment to high quality and growth in the U.S. will greatly benefit our clients and allow us to better serve their needs.”

By joining CT, SBSA will now be known as “SBSA, LLC, A Charles Taylor Company.

We will continue to offer our full suite of services, and our business will be enhanced by the engineering capabilities of the CT Engineering team. Combined with CT Engineering, our group brings decades of experience and a full range of multi-disciplinary engineering expertise for root cause failure analyses for clients seeking forensic investigations, including insurance carriers, independent adjusters (including Charles Taylor Adjusting), and attorneys.

The addition of the CT Engineering team, Richard Ladroga, Peter Longo, Jim Kelley, Fernando Lorenzo, and Francisco Godoy, brings decades of experience and a full range of multi-disciplinary engineering expertise for forensic investigations that can benefit SBSA and our clients who demand efficient, consistent, high-quality claims services.

About Charles Taylor www.charlestaylor.com

Charles Taylor is a global provider of professional services and technology solutions dedicated to enabling the global insurance market to do its business fundamentally better. Dating back to 1884, Charles Taylor now employs over 3,000 staff in more than 120 locations spread across 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Charles Taylor believes that it holds a distinctive position in its markets in that it can provide professional services and technology solutions in order to support every stage of the insurance lifecycle and every aspect of the insurance operating model. Charles Taylor serves a diversified blue-chip international customer base that includes national and international insurance companies, mutuals, captives, MGAs, Lloyd’s syndicates and reinsurers, along with brokers, distributors and corporate insureds.

Lateral Loads and Expansive Soil Design & Construction

Lateral Loads and Expansive Soil Design & Construction

Edward Fronapfel, Owner of SBSA, Inc. will present on expansive soils and geotechnical considerations in regard to foundation design systems. Discussion topics will include evaluation of geotechnical reports in regard to the requirements of the building codes, determination of the foundation type for serviceability and performance, proper evaluation of on-site soils conditions, and the potential need for reconditioning of the soils to reduce problems associated with the selection of foundation and floor systems.

Evaluation of the lateral and vertical load capacity systems will be included as a necessary means to determine interior framing, façade, and egress issues. Lateral load systems will be examined as they primarily relate to single- and multi-family wood frame structures. An evaluation of the standard of practice versus the standard of care will include the need for a 2-hour firewall design, separation and independence of structures, and veneer applications. Post-tension (PT) design aspects for serviceability and performance criteria will be outlined as an understanding of the needs of the architectural, structural, and MEP systems to handle the expectations of the PT design systems. The instructor will provide an analysis of these systems based on years of forensic evaluation experience and the peer review of current projects. Additionally, the needs of the design, construction, and building officials’ input to properly design, review, and construct these building systems will be considered.

Ed’s experience allows him to see the project in a complete setting and understand the complex interaction between the geotechnical, structural, architectural, and thermal environments. Ed’s civil engineering background includes geohydrology, hydrology, hydraulics, site design, and evaluation of existing structures. Ed’s structural background includes new design and quality assurance of industrial systems, residential, and commercial properties. Post-construction analysis and design to handle issues that came through warranty and/or litigated matters include lateral foundation systems, foundation underpinning, retaining systems, lateral and vertical frame design, building envelope design for both vertical and horizontal applications, HVAC redesign for thermal issues, attic and crawl space ventilation systems, and cold roof/super-insulated roof systems. Ed continues his commitment to the building community teaching and writing for local and national organizations including ASHRAE, ASCE, AEI, BEC, RCI, NAFE, HBA, IBS, CABO, EPA, and others.

Ed’s knowledge gained in working with thousands of common interest properties over the last 30-years for owners, developers, and buyers provides a unique and necessary perspective on the details and decisions that reduce the risk to the property by providing performance and effective life analysis of the products and systems.


Ed Fronapfel at ASHRAE | Roofing & Ventilation

Ed Fronapfel at ASHRAE | Roofing & Ventilation

SBSA, Inc. President/Owner Edward L. Fronapfel,MSCE, PE, CBIE, D-IBFES, CFCC, EDI, CBCP,F. NAFE, F. ASCE will be speaking Thursday, October 24, 2019 at the ASHRAE Pikes Peak Chapter Meeting discussing the topics of Roofing and Ventilation issues. Roofing complications in Colorado require consideration regarding the code, manufacturer requirements and implications of roofing practices. The long standing code required ventilation of roofs and crawl spaces has been applied without much scientific merit. Mr. Fronapfel will provide a review of the history of the code, the applications of the provisions, and the impact of the installation methods on both new and existing Colorado construction.

ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today. ASHRAE was formed as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers by the merger in 1959 of American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) founded in 1894 and The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers (ASRE) founded in 1904.

In 2012, as part of a rebranding, ASHRAE began doing business as “ASHRAE” vs. using its full legal name of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Use of ASHRAE reflects the Society’s worldwide membership and that services will continue evolving globally.

SBSA, Inc. a Golden, Colorado-based engineering and architectural firm specializing in forensic engineering and architecture, new design, construction management, and redesign of properties. Ed Fronapfel’s 30 years of experience in both structural and civil engineering allows him to understand the complex interaction between geotechnical, structural, architectural, and thermal environments. Mr. Fronapfel is licensed to practice engineering in more than 35 states and continues his commitment to the building community by teaching and writing for many local and national organizations.

The goals and values central to SBSA help us to tackle any challenge and provide a clear path to the completion of a project. Our process, coupled with a strong work ethic, ensures every client a professional and responsive experience from beginning to end. SBSA’s organizational philosophy has fostered numerous long-standing clients and stands as a central pillar of our success.

SBSA’s experience has been gained with Edward L. Fronapfel’s start in the forensic practice of engineering from the mid-1990s.  The team includes engineers, architects and construction professionals with expertise and education in building systems that include the Civil, Structural and Architectural requirements that create the building systems from conception to use.

Our clients include attorneys, insurance companies, builders, developers, homeowner associations (HOA’s), community managers, facility and property managers, buyers, sellers, and owners.

SBSA’s experience allows us to understand how to prioritize the issues, determine the repair and rehabilitation work based on the degree of risks and potential future damages while considering budgetary constraints. Then SBSA will work closely with the owner(s) and repair contractor to get the job done right with thorough repair designs and quality oversight.

Tornado Damage. How to return to Pre-loss condition.

Tornado Damage. How to return to Pre-loss condition.

SBSA can provide professional engineering services to help answer the question, “Where do I go from here?”

SBSA sends out our prayers and thoughts to the victims of the Dallas tornado.  As they restore power, and residents and businesses begin to assess the damages. Understanding the ramifications of the wind induced loads or debris (impact damages) should be done by a team of experts that specializes in building evaluation that includes structural systems, including lateral force resisting systems, and their interrelation to building envelope components.

The assessment of any site should include a well prepared and documented report that includes the necessary repairs to return your property to a pre-loss condition and understanding of the ramifications of the original construction, previous building codes, and new building codes.  When repairing a portion of the structure, the connection of the repaired area to the non-repaired areas requires a proper evaluation to ensure that the systems will function for structural and weather tightness.

SBSA can provide your post loss evaluation and aid in the determination of the actual needs to return your property to a code compliant condition. 

Whether your structure is structurally compromised should include an evaluation that consists of major structural components from foundation to roof, lateral force resisting system, building envelope, fenestrations, and building cladding. 

When evaluating your claim, SBSA will provide timely reports, with clearly written analyses and conclusions that include:

  • Claim review

  • Scope of damages

  • Cause(s) of damages

  • Repair solutions (when requested)

Our experts have conducted hundreds of observations and analyzed many structures due to the impacts of wind, rain, tornados, snow and other weather-related events allowing our expertise to aid you in a determination of the cause and results of your claims.

SBSA, Inc. | Property Analysis | Wind or Tornado Damage

For claims that require forensic engineering or analysis in a litigation setting, SBSA has expert witnesses experienced in insurance-based matters. During the numerous wind, seismic, hurricane and other natural events of the 2000 to 2018 time frame SBSA staff was on site to review, analyze and determine the causation of damages from flood, surge, wind and rain, and other associated causes of damages.

We like big slabs and we cannot lie!

We like big slabs and we cannot lie!

This SBSA project took 15 concrete truckloads for the subsurface leveling rat slab, then 42 additional concrete truckloads for the  30’x30’x5’ main slab. All for a Terex/Demag 500 ton tower crane, the largest in Colorado.