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SBSA, Inc. is an engineering and architectural firm based in Colorado, Idaho, and Texas. We specialize in Forensic Engineering and Architecture, New Design, Construction Management, and Re-design of properties. Our experts deliver Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Administration, Building Envelope Repair, Forensic Analysis, and Performance Testing services in over 35 states to various clients, including attorneys, HOAs, homeowners, developers, and builders.

Join our talented team of professionals in Forensic Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management and Analysis to ensure that our clients have a balance of strategic thinkers who champion both distinctive and inventive approaches.

Please find available career opportunities listed below:

Office Coordinator ( TEXAS)

Job Overview – Office Coordinator:

The Office Coordinator should possess the ability to provide general office support of various functions throughout the office. The needs include answering phones, directing calls to the appropriate person, offering customer service to the extent possible, maintaining common areas, filing documents, and ordering office supplies/furniture requests. This individual will utilize the above-mentioned skills to provide support to Project Managers and Executive team members as outlined below.

Responsibilities and Duties:

· Communications – Providing positive encouraging discussions with clients to reduce the need for project managers to handle smaller tasks, while engaging with the client in a positive manner.

· File Maintenance – Ability to organize and maintain hundreds of physical and electronic job files.

· Office Maintenance – Maintain/order office supplies, coffee, and any other miscellaneous office supply needs.

· Support – Ability to meet the various organizational needs of Project Managers and Executive team members. Willingness to take on extra duties to increase company efficiency.

· Coordination – Ability to coordinate and collaborate with Project Managers and other support staff to complete assigned tasks.

· Scheduling – Ability to manage multiple Outlook calendars and set up meetings.

· Correspondence – Proficiency in utilizing verbal (phone) and written (Outlook) mediums to correspond directly and indirectly with clients, consultants, and in-house staff.

· Answer Phones – Ability to answer and direct calls to appropriate parties in a friendly and up-beat manner.

· Proofread – Ability to edit company deliverables, when needed, for grammar and punctuation. Proficiency in applying preset reporting style guides.

· Miscellaneous – fill in as needed with various duties as assigned by division manager, including, but not limited to: site visits, marketing events, as well as other office related tasks on an as needed basis.

Required Qualifications:

· Strong tactful communication skills – verbal and written

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

· Exceptional organizational skills

· Multi-tasking skills

· Familiarity with Adobe Acrobat

· Prioritization skills

Required Education and/or Experience:

· High School Diploma


· 3 to 5 years of related experience.

Job Type:

Full-time, Hourly

Compensation – Commensurate with experience

Key Words:

Communication, phones, organization, coordination, support, administration


Forensic Engineer

SBSA Forensic Engineer

A Forensic Engineer (FE) provides both independent and Project Manager (PM) assigned duties related to the Technical Solutions provided by SBSA. The FE provides coordination and small project management skills. Typical activities include evaluation, design, testing, analysis, and report writing both individually and as a member of a larger team. The FE has a recognized depth of knowledge in at least one discipline, including a Professional Engineer license, and a general breadth of knowledge that allows independent analysis of small projects.

The FE provides direct client support, scheduling, and budgeting for individually managed small projects. As a member of larger project teams, the FE consistently acts as the Team Lead and/or the in-house support specialist. On a team, this will include coordinating tasks, providing limited client support or education, and educating team members in their area(s) of expertise. In all projects, the FE provides a summary of activity and progress to the appropriate Project Manager or Director and effectively identifies issues or events that must rise to a higher level of attention or care. The FE actively manages relationships with all stakeholders while ensuring quality and conformance to contractual scope. FE’s may be asked to stamp their own details, drawings, or other documentation. The FE acts as a mentor to new employees and Senior Forensic Specialists or Forensic Specialists within their area(s) of expertise and is recognized company-wide as a valuable resource and leader.


As noted, engineering requirements may vary from other applicable fields. Education, experience, and registrations shall be applicable to fields of expertise at SBSA:

• Bachelors’ degree in architecture, construction, engineering, or another applicable field.

• A Professional Engineering license in one or more states.

• Five or more years of experience in engineering and construction administration, or other applicable fields. Experience generally aligns with the area of stated position focus.

• Area of engineering is primarily structural with some civil analysis and building envelope analysis.

• Possess breadth of knowledge across engineering or another technical field with developing area(s) of expertise.

• Possess working knowledge of engineering design and analysis, including experience as a Design Engineer or Project Manager.

• Valid Colorado drivers license with an insurable driving record.


The duties and responsibilities of this position require the following physical capabilities:

• Willing and able to perform observation and evaluation tasks in high, exposed conditions.

• Willing and able to perform observation and evaluation tasks in narrow, shallow, or otherwise confined conditions.

• Able to sit for extended periods as required to perform stated design, reporting, and other analysis duties.

• Able to lift and carry 50-pounds.


The duties and responsibilities of this position require the following general characteristics:

• Possesses a strong work ethic, including the ability to organize, schedule, and direct own work.

• Deals constructively with crises, abrupt changes, and ambiguity.

• Remains calm and consistent under pressure.

• Able to effectively communicate technical ideas and conditions in both accurate industry vocabulary and laymen’s’ terms.

• Identifies and solves problems.

• Able to convey construction details in drawing, written word, and verbal formats.

• Effective teacher or mentor in area(s) of expertise.

• Capable of both team and independent production.

• Able to effectively transition across 5-10 active projects.

• Comfortable speaking one-on-one with clients and to small audiences (5-25 people).

Job Type: Full-time


Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer with a minimum of 5 to 10 years of proven experience in land development design. Should be proficient in all aspects of hydrology and hydraulics, site layout and grading, roadway and utility design. Excellent research and report writing skills are essential since the position requires preparation of large complex analyses and reports.

The ideal candidate will work with a team of forensic specialists and design engineers and architects to:

  • Investigate existing sites for construction defects and determine the causes of civil engineering failures related to drainage and grading, buried utilities, earthwork and retaining walls.
  • Design and develop solutions for residential, commercial or industrial land development projects.
  • Design site layouts including roadways, sanitary and storm drains, detention and/or retention ponds, utility designs and site grading.
  • Perform complex hydrologic and hydraulic calculations and design.
  • Prepare complex reports to present findings.

The ideal person will also have strong AutoCAD/ Civil 3D, Hydraulics software (StormCAD, WaterCAD, Storm and Sanitary Analysis, EPANET, etc.) skills and will have an understanding of geotechnical/earthwork design as related to retaining wall design and slope stability analysis.

Qualifications and Skills

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience on land development projects
  • Familiarity with design codes and applicable state and local regulations
  • EIT – (Professional Engineer (PE) license preferred)


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