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Tornado Damage. How to return to Pre-loss condition.

Tornado Damage. How to return to Pre-loss condition.

SBSA can provide professional engineering services to help answer the question, “Where do I go from here?”

SBSA sends out our prayers and thoughts to the victims of the Dallas tornado.  As they restore power, and residents and businesses begin to assess the damages. Understanding the ramifications of the wind induced loads or debris (impact damages) should be done by a team of experts that specializes in building evaluation that includes structural systems, including lateral force resisting systems, and their interrelation to building envelope components.

The assessment of any site should include a well prepared and documented report that includes the necessary repairs to return your property to a pre-loss condition and understanding of the ramifications of the original construction, previous building codes, and new building codes.  When repairing a portion of the structure, the connection of the repaired area to the non-repaired areas requires a proper evaluation to ensure that the systems will function for structural and weather tightness.

SBSA can provide your post loss evaluation and aid in the determination of the actual needs to return your property to a code compliant condition. 

Whether your structure is structurally compromised should include an evaluation that consists of major structural components from foundation to roof, lateral force resisting system, building envelope, fenestrations, and building cladding. 

When evaluating your claim, SBSA will provide timely reports, with clearly written analyses and conclusions that include:

  • Claim review

  • Scope of damages

  • Cause(s) of damages

  • Repair solutions (when requested)

Our experts have conducted hundreds of observations and analyzed many structures due to the impacts of wind, rain, tornados, snow and other weather-related events allowing our expertise to aid you in a determination of the cause and results of your claims.

SBSA, Inc. | Property Analysis | Wind or Tornado Damage

For claims that require forensic engineering or analysis in a litigation setting, SBSA has expert witnesses experienced in insurance-based matters. During the numerous wind, seismic, hurricane and other natural events of the 2000 to 2018 time frame SBSA staff was on site to review, analyze and determine the causation of damages from flood, surge, wind and rain, and other associated causes of damages.

SBSA Provides Independent Roof Inspections

SBSA Provides Independent Roof Inspections

Because SBSA doesn’t partner with insurance companies we are able to maintain an independent observation.
Consider that a fight over policy, damages, and repairs can weigh heavily on pre-existing conditions it is important to keep a good photo log and inspection report each season. SBSA can aid in your diligence.
Hanover provides some great advice

Construction and Property Analysis is where the physical needs of properties are analyzed, the repair or replacement needs for properties are determined, and all of these are balanced with the allocated available capital.

Our analysis, long-term planning, and decision-making skills are applied in a variety of ways for clients who have a need for cost-effective solutions for their long-term planning.

SBSA’s Construction and Property Analysis (CPA) department serves a variety of clients by helping to determine the physical and financial needs of their properties. SBSA utilizes structured management techniques and advanced decision support tools to provide effective solutions to recurring facility maintenance, repair, and replacement.

SBSA Field Testing

SBSA Field Testing

In order to evaluate why your exterior or interior issue occur removal of the veneer must be done.  At some point, a determination of either the commonality of construction or the no commonality can be determined.  From that point, the repair methods can be inferred.  It is never an easy task to provide forensic examination and when proper quality assurance is done you can minimize your damages.

SBSA Proud Of Our Licensed Professional Engineers

SBSA Proud Of Our Licensed Professional Engineers

Today is the third annual National Licensed Professional Engineers Day! On August 8, 1907, the first professional engineering license was issued to Charles Bellamy in Wyoming  on August 6, 1907. Since that time, licensure has expanded and professional engineers across the United States. have committed the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. PE licensure is the engineering profession’s highest standard of competence, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. SBSA is proud of our licensed Professional Engineers and all PE’s throughout America.

SBSA, Inc. is an engineering and architectural firm that specializes in Forensic Engineering and Architecture, New Design, Construction Management, and Re-design of properties. We deliver Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Administration, Building Envelope Repair, Forensic Analysis, and Performance Testing services in over 30 states to various clients, including: attorneys, HOAs, homeowners, developers, and builders. The team at SBSA provides professional engineering and architectural services encompassing the entire span of a building’s lifecycle from inception through rehabilitation. Our team of experts has the experience and ability to identify and provide the right solutions for our clients. SBSA has the extensive knowledge of construction compliance, rehabilitation and repair, construction and property analysis, forensic analysis, and more. We have the experience and ability to identify and provide solutions for our clients. We are familiar with all aspects of the building life-cycle, from initial construction through long-term maintainability. SBSA can identify critical problem areas before issues arise, and devise solutions after problems arise. Additionally, we are able to analyze and design repairs for your claims from foundations to roofing.

Learn more about our Licensed Professional Engineers:

Ed Fronapfel, PE

Jeff Felderman, PE

Harold Fronapfel, PE

Jerod Faris, PE

Ryan Barnes, PE

Steven Mallin, PE

Shawn Peatrowsky, PE

In Loving Memory of Bonita Marie Fronapfel

In Loving Memory of Bonita Marie Fronapfel

Bonita Marie Fronapfel passed away on June 12, 2018. She was born in Clara City, MN on November 23, 1932, a daughter of Peter and Marie Schuman, she is survived by her sisters Carole, Patricia, Cathy and brother Eugene who preceded her in his death. She is survived by her spouse Harold Fronapfel of whom she married on April 18, 1955. Harold and Bonita have ten children, Tom, Steve who preceded her in death, Jim, Karen, Mike, Gretchen, Lori, Ed, Eric, and P.J. Bonita worked as a bank teller in Murdock, MN and for the State of Minnesota. While married she worked at Warder Elementary, Joslins Department Store, and for a land holding company all while maintaining a strong and healthy household in Arvada, Colorado. She moved to Colorado in 1952, where she met Harold in 1954 on a blind date and they were wed at St. Catherine’s Church in Denver.

Services will be held at Spirit of Christ in Arvada, Colorado on July 17, 2018 @1pm. Following services, there will be a “life remembrance” ceremony.

She provided the following legacy:

“That those who really believed in me, for who I am, really am, would come to understand that …not who, when, or why I did something, but instead, how it helped to make yours and my day better. That nothing was ever done out of anything but love and wanting to make your day better, and our life easier during good and bad times. When we give to someone we should give with the understanding that we may never receive something in return or even expect it. That things come back to us from different people in different ways. I believe we can make everything have some positive effect, providing that we let it. To always look for the good, not the bad in every situation.”

~Bonita Fronapfel

We will all miss Bonita dearly and hope that her life and passing provide others the insight into happiness, patience, joy, and perseverance. In lieu of flowers, Bonita requested that donations are made to those who helped make her last days comfortable.

Please donate in her honor to TRU Community Care Hospice Center