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ADA Peer Review

SBSA performs ADA Peer Review for developers, architects, and insurance companies. Conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and HUD Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines (FHAG) on a project is a complex process that requires careful review during design and construction. Having a project reviewed by a third party for compliance with (ADAAG) and (FHAG) is an important step in reducing the risk of being in non-compliance with federal accessibility laws in commercial construction.

SBSA’s team consists of both architects as well as engineers and we can truly understand and empathize with designer’s concerns pertaining to accessibility compliance, particularly in the commercial realm of design. With over 70 years of combined design experience among the architectural staff, we are fully aware of the most current regulations and challenges in providing for accessibility requirements in new construction. Designing for compliance is not necessarily difficult, but it can become lost at times due to other programmatic complexities required for a successful design.

This is where it is to the design architect’s benefit to have a thorough ADA Peer Review performed to help discover non-conformance items in a design and provide SOLUTIONS BEFORE a building is constructed.

Follow through during construction with on-site quality observations is just as important as the design review if not more so. It is often during these observations where simple mistakes such as missing blocking or dimensional busts are caught. These mistakes during construction can leave the project with non-compliant issues that potentially result in legal recourse by building users.

SBSA’s ADA Peer Review process partners with designers through the most critical phases of a design project and is committed to applying broad knowledge in a cooperative manner with the project team, while fostering communication to provide increased efficiency throughout the process.