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SBSA, LLC, A Charles Taylor Company specializes in the design, construction, and real estate markets. We are based in the Golden, Colorado area and deliver Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Administration, Building Envelope Repair, Forensic Analysis and Testing services.

Our experts are hand-picked, experienced, and recognized for their dedicated commitment to honesty and smart supportable solutions.  We will listen to and work with you to craft a scope of service to meet the personalized needs of your project.

The goals and values central to SBSA help us to tackle any challenge and provide a clear path to the completion of a project. Our process, coupled with a strong work ethic, ensures every client a professional and responsive experience from beginning to end. SBSA’s organizational philosophy has fostered numerous long-standing clients and stands as a central pillar of our success.

SBSA’s experience has been gained with Edward L. Fronapfel’s start in the forensic practice of engineering from the mid-1990s.  The team includes engineers, architects and construction professionals with expertise and education in building systems that include the Civil, Structural and Architectural requirements that create the building systems from conception to use.

Our clients include attorneys, insurance companies, builders, developers, homeowner associations (HOA’s), community managers, facility and property managers, buyers, sellers, and owners.
SBSA’s experience allows us to understand how to prioritize the issues, determine the repair and rehabilitation work based on the degree of risks and potential future damages while considering budgetary constraints. Then SBSA will work closely with the owner(s) and repair contractor to get the job done right with thorough repair designs and quality oversight.

The Solutions Before, Solutions After philosophy emerges during design, construction, or use; defects occur resulting in property damages, delays or disputes, and the need for expert analysis in the determination of feasible solutions to the problems. SBSA provides solutions to such problems by identifying, analyzing the impact, providing design to correct the issues, and when requested providing owner’s services for quality assurance during the repairs.

Today, SBSA, LLC, A Charles Taylor Company has over 50 employees ranging from technical staff, specialists, engineers, architects, and construction managers who provide professional services encompassing the entire span of a building’s life-cycle from inception through rehabilitation.

Ed Fronapfel, CEO

Mr. Fronapfel and his team at SBSA have built an extensive resume which includes professional and forensic services in design, construction, and contract disputes in more than 35 states in the U.S. This collective experience allows SBSA to help reduce a client’s risk by understanding both the common and uncommon issues in design and construction.