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Lateral Loads and Expansive Soil Design & Construction

Lateral Loads and Expansive Soil Design & Construction

Edward Fronapfel, Owner of SBSA, Inc. will present on expansive soils and geotechnical considerations in regard to foundation design systems. Discussion topics will include evaluation of geotechnical reports in regard to the requirements of the building codes, determination of the foundation type for serviceability and performance, proper evaluation of on-site soils conditions, and the potential need for reconditioning of the soils to reduce problems associated with the selection of foundation and floor systems.

Evaluation of the lateral and vertical load capacity systems will be included as a necessary means to determine interior framing, façade, and egress issues. Lateral load systems will be examined as they primarily relate to single- and multi-family wood frame structures. An evaluation of the standard of practice versus the standard of care will include the need for a 2-hour firewall design, separation and independence of structures, and veneer applications. Post-tension (PT) design aspects for serviceability and performance criteria will be outlined as an understanding of the needs of the architectural, structural, and MEP systems to handle the expectations of the PT design systems. The instructor will provide an analysis of these systems based on years of forensic evaluation experience and the peer review of current projects. Additionally, the needs of the design, construction, and building officials’ input to properly design, review, and construct these building systems will be considered.

Ed’s experience allows him to see the project in a complete setting and understand the complex interaction between the geotechnical, structural, architectural, and thermal environments. Ed’s civil engineering background includes geohydrology, hydrology, hydraulics, site design, and evaluation of existing structures. Ed’s structural background includes new design and quality assurance of industrial systems, residential, and commercial properties. Post-construction analysis and design to handle issues that came through warranty and/or litigated matters include lateral foundation systems, foundation underpinning, retaining systems, lateral and vertical frame design, building envelope design for both vertical and horizontal applications, HVAC redesign for thermal issues, attic and crawl space ventilation systems, and cold roof/super-insulated roof systems. Ed continues his commitment to the building community teaching and writing for local and national organizations including ASHRAE, ASCE, AEI, BEC, RCI, NAFE, HBA, IBS, CABO, EPA, and others.

Ed’s knowledge gained in working with thousands of common interest properties over the last 30-years for owners, developers, and buyers provides a unique and necessary perspective on the details and decisions that reduce the risk to the property by providing performance and effective life analysis of the products and systems.