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Because SBSA doesn’t partner with insurance companies we are able to maintain an independent observation.
Consider that a fight over policy, damages, and repairs can weigh heavily on pre-existing conditions it is important to keep a good photo log and inspection report each season. SBSA can aid in your diligence.
Hanover provides some great advice

Construction and Property Analysis is where the physical needs of properties are analyzed, the repair or replacement needs for properties are determined, and all of these are balanced with the allocated available capital.

Our analysis, long-term planning, and decision-making skills are applied in a variety of ways for clients who have a need for cost-effective solutions for their long-term planning.

SBSA’s Construction and Property Analysis (CPA) department serves a variety of clients by helping to determine the physical and financial needs of their properties. SBSA utilizes structured management techniques and advanced decision support tools to provide effective solutions to recurring facility maintenance, repair, and replacement.