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SBSA is proud to announce our newest member to the team, Ehssan Amir-Sayyafi, PhD, PE. He will be stationed in our Dallas,Texas office. We will be engaging his expertise in storm events as well as our normal work in CDC.

Dr. Amir-Sayyafi holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering awarded by the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, FL, where his research areas were the following: development of a hurricane-resistant roof system; evaluating structural performance of a newly developed roof-to-wall connection under wind storm; eliminating thermal cracks at anchorages of post-tensioned concrete bridges; assessment of wind effects on roof, wall, cladding, and structure of an elevated building; and developing a bridge system for accelerated bridge construction in seismic regions. Dr. Amir-Sayyafi received an award in 2015 from the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) for his research work in the development of a hurricane-resistant roof system. Dr. Amir-Sayyafi is a registered Professional Engineer with experience in wind/structural research, structural design and analysis, and finite element modeling and analysis.

Dr. Amir-Sayyafi has performed research in the areas of building safety during storm events like hurricanes and safety of infrastructures such as bridges exposed to severe weather conditions and earthquake. He also has spoken, written, and published technical articles in his fields of expertise.

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