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In Loving Memory of Bonita Marie Fronapfel

In Loving Memory of Bonita Marie Fronapfel

Bonita Marie Fronapfel passed away on June 12, 2018. She was born in Clara City, MN on November 23, 1932, a daughter of Peter and Marie Schuman, she is survived by her sisters Carole, Patricia, Cathy and brother Eugene who preceded her in his death. She is survived by her spouse Harold Fronapfel of whom she married on April 18, 1955. Harold and Bonita have ten children, Tom, Steve who preceded her in death, Jim, Karen, Mike, Gretchen, Lori, Ed, Eric, and P.J. Bonita worked as a bank teller in Murdock, MN and for the State of Minnesota. While married she worked at Warder Elementary, Joslins Department Store, and for a land holding company all while maintaining a strong and healthy household in Arvada, Colorado. She moved to Colorado in 1952, where she met Harold in 1954 on a blind date and they were wed at St. Catherine’s Church in Denver.

Services will be held at Spirit of Christ in Arvada, Colorado on July 17, 2018 @1pm. Following services, there will be a “life remembrance” ceremony.

She provided the following legacy:

“That those who really believed in me, for who I am, really am, would come to understand that …not who, when, or why I did something, but instead, how it helped to make yours and my day better. That nothing was ever done out of anything but love and wanting to make your day better, and our life easier during good and bad times. When we give to someone we should give with the understanding that we may never receive something in return or even expect it. That things come back to us from different people in different ways. I believe we can make everything have some positive effect, providing that we let it. To always look for the good, not the bad in every situation.”

~Bonita Fronapfel

We will all miss Bonita dearly and hope that her life and passing provide others the insight into happiness, patience, joy, and perseverance. In lieu of flowers, Bonita requested that donations are made to those who helped make her last days comfortable.

Please donate in her honor to TRU Community Care Hospice Center 

SBSA retained as Architectural Consultant for Cherry Hills Farm.

SBSA retained as Architectural Consultant for Cherry Hills Farm.

SBSA, Inc. has been retained to provide Architectural Control Consulting for Cherry Hills Farm. Cherry Hills Farm is a neighborhood community comprised of 216 luxury single family homes constructed in open greenbelt and park-like settings.

We will be providing an architectural standard review, revision, and compliance for all large-scale construction activities in the community including new home construction.

The purpose is to maintain a semblance of uniformity by requiring all construction activities in Cherry Hills Farm to follow a formal architectural submittal acceptance and construction compliance verification process through SBSA.

SBSA performs ADA Peer Review for developers, architects, and insurance companies. Conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and HUD Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines (FHAG) on a project is a complex process that requires careful review during design and construction. Having a project reviewed by a third party for compliance with (ADAAG) and (FHAG) is an important step in reducing the risk of being in non-compliance with federal accessibility laws in commercial construction.

SBSA Inc. Architectural and Engineering fiThe SBSA team consists of both architects as well as engineers and we can truly understand and empathize with designer’s concerns pertaining to accessibility compliance, particularly in the commercial realm of design.

With over 70 years of combined design experience among the architectural staff, we are fully aware of the most current regulations and challenges in providing for accessibility requirements in new construction. Designing for compliance is not necessarily difficult, but it can become lost at times due to other programmatic complexities required for a successful design.