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Ed Fronapfel joins Colorado Legislative Actions Committee!

Ed Fronapfel joins Colorado Legislative Actions Committee!

Edward Fronapfel, Owner, SBSA Inc. MSCE, PE, CBIE, CFCC, EDI, CBCP, Fellow Member of NAFESBSA, Inc. is pleased to announce that Edward Fronapfel, MSCE, PE, CBIE, CFCC, EDI, CBCP, and Fellow Member of NAFE has been accepted to serve on the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Colorado Legislative Actions Committee (LAC) for the 2016-2018 term.
As a member of a key committee of CAI, Mr. Fronapfel along with his fellow LAC delegates will be on the front lines of the efforts to promote vibrant, responsive and competent community associations to state, legislative, regulatory and legal entities.

Mr. Fronapfel and his team of experts at SBSA have built an extensive resume which includes professional and forensic services in design, construction, and contract disputes in approximately 30 states in the U.S. This collective experience allows SBSA to help reduce a client’s risk by understanding both the common and uncommon issues in design and construction.

The firm’s name SBSA was set forth because of the overall goals of the company that were established in 2010.  The first part of the acronym “SBSA” comes from the philosophy that the firm provides Solutions Before the design and construction of a project. Based on SBSA’s knowledge gained through years of forensic and litigation experience, we proactively work to reduce client risks by providing thorough designs with a sufficient level of detailing and by aiding the construction team prior to and during the construction process.