In 1995, Mr. Edward Fronapfel began his career as a forensic engineer and in 1998 he set out to own a company that would focus on forensic practices in design and construction. By 1999, Mr. Fronapfel co-founded a forensic engineering firm and by 2010 he succeeded in his goal to solely own a company by splitting his division off to form SBSA, Inc.   

Over the years, Mr. Fronapfel and his team of experts at SBSA have built an extensive resume which includes professional and forensic services in design, construction, and contract disputes in approximately 25 states in the U.S. This collective experience allows SBSA to help reduce a client’s risk by understanding both the common and uncommon issues in design and construction.

The first part of the acronym “SBSA” comes from the philosophy that the firm provides Solutions Before the design and construction of a project. Based on SBSA’s knowledge gained through years of forensic and litigation experience, we proactively work to reduce client risks by providing thorough designs with a sufficient level of detailing and by aiding the construction team prior to and during the construction process.

There are many unfortunate situations in which a design or construction defect occurs resulting in damages or disputes and that is where the Solutions After philosophy emerges. SBSA provides solutions to such problems by identifying, understanding, designing and overseeing necessary repairs. We do this by first prioritizing the repair and rehabilitation work based on the degree of risks and potential future damages while considering budgetary constraints that are common to litigated work. Then SBSA will work closely with the owner(s) and repair contactor to get the job done right with thorough repair designs and quality oversight.   

Today, SBSA, Inc. has over 30 employees ranging from technical staff, specialists, engineers, architects and construction managers who provide professional services encompassing the entire span of a building’s life cycle from inception through rehabilitation.