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Janalee Coyle, EI

Janalee Coyle

Janalee Coyle, EI

Forensic Specialist

Janalee holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. She performs civil observations to determine code compliance. Observations include code compliance assessments for litigation purposes, as well as quality assurance for rehabilitation projects. Janalee’s design experience assists both her understanding with code compliance, and with rehabilitation design. She has worked with numerous rehabilitation projects to create quality solutions for construction defects.

Prior to joining SBSA, Janalee gained civil design experience working on residential and commercial land development projects. Her design expertise includes: site planning, grading, utility design, drainage studies, and storm-water design. She developed civil engineering plan sets including but not limited to grading, storm, sanitary, water, and erosion control plans.

Janalee’s civil engineering site design and academic backgrounds provide her the expertise to perform forensic analyses and identify civil non-conformance at existing sites.

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